Tokelau, the first solar-powered country

After Heoburn, the first wind community self-managed, we are pleased to talk to you about Tokelau, the Solar-powered country. The works are finished and as promised, the island of Tokelau has suspended the use of its diesel generators. Tokelau, with his solar panels, can boast of being the first country in the world to meet its energy needs with photovoltaic, even if, wanting to be picky it's not really like that!

In a press release, New Zealand talks about the Tokelau sunburn and claims that with US $ 5.5 million (NZD $ 7 million), they managed to install enough Photovoltaic cells to cover "almost entirely"The energy needs of the island. Investigate that "almostIt wasn't easy. Most sources claim that the solar power generation covers more than 90% of the energy demand of the population, it seems that the remaining 7% of the demand is satisfied by energy from the biofuels.

The Island of Tokelau counts up to 4,032 solar panels with about 1 megawatt of capacity. The island is home to about 1,400 inhabitants therefore thesolar power could "almost completely" eliminate the use of electricity from fossil fuels. Diesel generators will only be used in an emergency but only provisionally. The head of government of Tokelau has other ambitions: to eliminate the use of diesel generators even in an emergency and to insert plans based on renewable.

Even if it seems "just a small island“, The harmful emissions produced by Tokelau they were quite high, comparable to those of a large metropolis! There Tokelau sunburn it was a great achievement considering that about 2,000 barrels of diesel fuel were burned every year. The turning point to sustainability it did not happen by chance: the price of diesel has risen and Tokelau is also famous for having the smallest GDP in the world! L'solar power she arrived for cut energy costs and improve the living conditions of the inhabitants.

Video: Tokelau Atafu Reefs (October 2020).