Recycle laboratory of new lifestyles is a Web project born from paper, and this has a meaning. When behind the birth of an online site there is a book in the physical sense of the term, it means that the initiative is the result of a meeting, almost always a harbinger of good results, between consolidated experiences and the formidable strength of the Internet tool. Behind there is the experience of Antonio Galdo, journalist and writer, author of the book “Non waste” published by Einaudi. First the book and then the Web, two important steps in an environmental project under the banner of green economy and an award for the spokespersons of a new lifestyle.

"The book was born from the idea that Do not waste is a fundamental paradigm to get out of the tunnel of the great crisis faster and stronger ", says Antonio Galdo. “Do not waste it means reduce some unnecessary and compulsive consumption, but also to favor others useful to improve our quality of life. An example? It is clear that we have too many cars and that we have become slaves and prisoners of the car, but for encourage the use of alternative means it is necessary to invest in the public transport network, in the safety of cycle paths, in technology that favors electric or hybrid cars. Acting in this direction means pursuing a new model of economic growth, not degrowth: healthy, balanced, sustainable growth. And first of all, attentive to the real needs of man, this is growth”.

Today it is a community of over 30 thousand people who exchange news, information and above all advice so as not to waste. "It is a very active community - underlines Galdo - not ideological, projected towards the future and agrees on the fact that change passes through our choices, and by sharing them it is easier to make them ".

For the community of the green economy is a great opportunity for the country system, provided that there is a joint effort by the public and private sectors. "Think of the energy efficiency that the EU is now asking us to translate into a state law - says Galdo -: citizens must reduce waste of energy consumption, and the state must encourage renovations and new buildings with zero emissions. This is the bet: a made in Italy industry, very advanced in terms of technology, which does not give the Chinese the leadership of solar panels and the Germans the primacy for wind and biomass energy. The green economy is a bet that includes new lifestyles: we win it or lose it all together ”. it is also a prize. A recognition for companies, institutions, associations, schools and personalities who have sought a new development model, a new style of behavior and life. Such as? "By inventing simple ways to save time, money, energy, to respect the environment and to live better", underlines Galdo. “Secondly, by making these ideas shareable and usable by a potentially exponential number of people. Small gestures which, if repeated and shared by an increasing number of individuals, can lead to new growth, finally sustainable ".

The Don't waste award, this year in its third edition, has a short but intense history. Born in 2010 in conjunction with the website of the same name, it has attracted people from all over Italy and was enriched to collect 400 applications in 2011. “With the first two editions of the Don't waste award recognitions were awarded to well-known personalities but also to associations and schools that in silence fought a daily battle with courage and passion against the modus operandi of all those, too many, who they throw without thinking”, Galdo concludes.

The 2012 edition was the confirmation of a success and awarded 4 prizes. TO Corrado Clini, Minister of the Environment, for the character category “For the constant sensitivity he has shown on environmental issues and changes in our lifestyles”. To the guys from superdigitale Print date, for their platform of services inspired by paper and energy savings (business category). To the Municipality of Santa Maria Nuova (just over 4200 inhabitants), province of Ancona “For initiatives in support of waste reduction and the recycling of objects for the weakest citizens (bodies and institutions category). To Roberto, Martina and Aurora, "Do not waste" of the primary school I.C. PRA ’" Pietro Thouar "of Genoa, accompanied by the teacher Barbara Battisti, for environmental education and anti-waste projects carried out in his school (school category).

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