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From January new rules for the energy classes

Today the energy saving it represents the main theme in all industrial sectors. In Europe, more than 40% of global energy is consumed for heating and air conditioning of residential buildings. Six energy consumption they grow at a dizzying rate, in an equally exponential way they increase worldwide i energy costs, with the consequent resource reduction from fossil sources, such as oil and gas. For this reason, the European Union has imposed new and stricter rules for future manufacturers of household appliances and for building builders.

In this perspective, from 1 January 2013 there will be a revolution in energy efficiency in terms of air conditioning which consists of a new European regulation ERP (Energy Related Product). The new European legislation will introduce stricter criteria for the definition of energy efficiency class of electrical and electronic appliances. In addition, the legislation also provides for the gradual introduction, from 2013 to 2019, of new energy classes, which will allow the real consumption of appliances to be more correctly indicated.

What the new ones will be energy classes?
In addition to the already existing A + category, the new labels A ++ and A +++ will be added, to indicate the electrical and electronic devices capable of working optimally even if at low consumption. This is a more correct reading of the actual consumption of the devices, highlighting the differences in quality and performance between the products.

The new standards impose new criteria for the design of all household appliances, starting from air conditioners to heat pumps for space heating. The appliances without energy labels starting from A + they will become obsolete and will no longer be available for sale.

With the introduction of the Erp legislation, low-end producers will be penalized especially, who will have to decide whether to reposition themselves on a greater efficiency or leave the field. The entry into force of this legislation will allow consumers to choose better and have greater guarantees on the products purchased, with a savings on your bill about 20%.

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