Philips lights Sulbiate "green"

Public lighting with remote control to combine the energy savings given by LED luminaires and the CityTouch remote control platform, able to minimize and monitor all operating and management costs. It is not a dream but the pilot project became reality a Sulbiate, in Brianza, where Philips installed 27 CitySoul Mini LEDGINE in 3 versions. Daniele Ferrini, Philips Lighting product manager Lighting Control Systems, ensures that this is achievable anywhere, even where obsolete systems still exist.

1) What have you achieved in Sulbiate?

This is a pilot project, a virtuous example of a systemic and integrated approach to energy efficiency in the smart lighting. The need was to test a public LED lighting system is remotely controlled on multifunctional public areas, which could be easily updated at any time.

The initiative involved the local administration and the production realities of the territory with the aim of laying the foundations for an efficient and remote-controlled infrastructure in the Brianza area.

2) What have you physically installed in Sulbiate? How long and at what cost?

We have proposed an entirely LED solution to meet the need to create a high-efficiency system that offers maximum flexibility: 27 CitySoul Mini LEDGINE, in three different versions with powers depending on the application (cycle path, road, parking).

The installation of the appliances a LED it was extremely simple as it does not require operations and therefore additional costs compared to the use of traditional appliances.

The remote control system, already integrated into the light points, did not affect the installation and did not require the use of additional wiring using the conveyed wave protocol that travels directly on the power cables. A day's work was enough to replace and install the new appliances.

3) Why just LED? What are the economic and environmental benefits?

The use of the LED technology allows a energy savings of around 50% compared to sodium solutions. The advantages are also related to management costs: maintenance costs are in fact eliminated thanks to the long life of the product (about 20 years) and LEDGINE technology will allow the plate only to be updated in the future LED without having to replace the entire device, thus reducing the volume of components and sources to be disposed of.

4) How did you choose the area where to make it? What goals have you set for quality, maintenance and lighting management?

The partners involved worked as a team in the analysis and choice of the most representative and heterogeneous area, which was identified in a parking area with an adjoining cycle path close to a provincial road.

The pre-established and shared objectives have been focused on providing the highest levels of safety (through the quality of light and the level of illumination) for vehicles and pedestrians, in maximizing energy savings, in minimizing management and maintenance costs. The remote control system also allows simple, direct and customizable control of the different areas.

5) How does the "CityTouch" system, for lighting control, work?

The integrated management platform CityTouch is a solution of highly flexible cloud computing which allows cities to have full control of lighting systems in order to minimize and monitor all operating and management costs.

With remote control CityTouch it is possible to manage the lighting levels of each individual light point, allowing automatic adjustment based on the programming set for time slots, maximizing energy savings (over 30%) and respecting the lighting regulations. CityTouch allows you to control the light points manually in case of exceptional events and allows you to monitor the operation of the light points in real time, allowing intelligent and less expensive maintenance.

6) Which subjects collaborated in the project?

The initiative was born under the aegis of Green High Tech Monza and Brianza District, which consortium the productive realities and the public administrations of the reference territory, by the Municipality of Sulbiate. This is the first step in a larger-scale project for the construction of intelligent and efficient public lighting systems in Brianza, in collaboration with the Edison Company as an energy and system partner. Philips participate as technological partner.

7) What has been achieved in Sulbiate can also be applied in other situations? Are there any "necessary conditions" for installation?

The Sulbiate project can be replicated in every city, in the different functional areas that it presents. The power line system uses the power supply line for remote control, therefore it is not necessary to modify the wiring.

It may happen that some obsolete systems are not suitable for data transmission due to physical limits; this is why we have recently developed the radiofrequency remote control system that allows us to overcome any communication problems and that allows greater scalability thanks to the concept of mesh network.