MADE expo 2012: the "green" is at home

It was an edition dedicated to "building and living green", that of MADE expo for 2012 and president of FederlegnoArredo Roberto Snaidero explains that this is the direction of the sector. In fact, waiting for the next edition, we are working for the Identity Card of the Buildings and for the “Manifesto for 55%”.

1) How did the 2012 edition of MADE expo go?

The 2012 edition of MADE expo closed with a definitely positive result: 231,729 admissions (-8.6%), of which 31,235 from abroad represent a very respectable result if we consider the difficulties facing the construction sector in our country. The great majority of the 1,532 exhibitors expressed satisfaction. Interesting contacts, a positive atmosphere and great attention from the public towards the numerous innovations presented confirmed MADE expo at the international top of events dedicated to the construction and design sector.

2) Which themes have you focused on more than in previous years?Because?

The theme ofeco-sustainability it can no longer be considered detached from human activity, whatever it is. That is why, after a process of rapprochement that began in 2008, this year "green building and living" was entirely at the center of the event, representing a common thread that united all the categories and product sectors present in MADE expo.

3) How the proposals relating to eco-sustainability have changed over the years eto safeguarding the environment?

L'attention to the environment and the quality of life are part of the daily life of each of us. It is an epochal and necessary change with which the companies of the sectors present a MADE expo (and not only) they have to deal, and the large number of eco-sustainable proposals presented in Milan confirm that they have understood it well.

4) And for energy saving?

Visitors had the opportunity to discover the latest news in this area where wood has been able to play a leading role thanks to its intrinsic insulating characteristics that make it the most suitable material for insulating our homes and making them less and less energy-intensive.

5) What is the Smart Village built within MADE expo? What content did you propose?

The Smart Village was organized by MADE expo and from and brought together about fifty companies to present and deepen their knowledge on materials and technologies for efficient building. Within the space of over 2,000 square meters, a 1: 1 scale "passive house" has been set up, which represents the absolute excellence of contemporary green building based on the concept of a nearly zero energy house.

6) What is the Building Identity Card?

It is a tool for monitoring and evaluating the quality and sustainability of the Italian building heritage. The purpose of this initiative (which has already been discussed in Italy for several years) is the identification of any risk situations and the scheduling of maintenance interventions over time. This would be done with a view to grouping all urban planning, building, administrative and tax information in a single document with certification value.

7) At MADE expo there was also the signing of the manifesto for the extension to 2020 of 55% for redevelopment interventions. What's it about?

In recent years, the 55% deduction represents a real instrument of economic policy as well as one of the most important counter-cyclical measures that have been activated in recent years. So far, in fact, over 1,400,000 interventions have been activated, for approximately 17 billion euros in investments, and the creation of over 50,000 jobs per year in the sectors involved. This is why with the "Manifesto for 55%" an extension to 31 December 2020 was requested for the energy requalification of buildings. With the manifesto we also asked for the introduction of the possibility of modulating the years of deduction - allowing the taxpayer to choose between 5 and 10 annuities for both renovations and energy redevelopment - and the extension of incentives also to real estate non-instrumental, thus guaranteeing access to energy requalification of a significant part of the Italian real estate assets.

Video: DOW allo SMART VILLAGE - Made Expo 2012 (October 2020).