A solar school for South Africa

From the photo it looks like a container but for South Africa it is a school in all respects. There Samsung has set up some solar-powered schools that can meet the needs of South African students. The schools are made up of containers modified ad hoc, they have seats, desks for students, laptops, galaxi tablets and internet connection, a real luxury if you consider that in some remote locations the eletricity grid!

To provide for the energy needs of computers, tablets and lamps, the photovoltaic panels that Samsung has mounted with special precautions: the solar cells have been implemented with a theft-proof system. THE solar panels are the ideal source for providingelectricity of school buildings. Primary schools are only open during the day, so no electricity is needed in the dark hours. The school is also illuminated at night thanks to small additional batteries.


The container set up by Samsung It measures 12 meters in length and has 21 seats. The school was set up in an area of ​​South Africa that has an electrical network, in fact when the weather conditions are not optimal, the power supply automatically connects to the network while solar panels they supply lead gel batteries.

In South Africa, i solar panels they are often chosen for their ease of use: in rural areas there is limited access to the electricity grid, sometimes this is completely absent. From an economic point of view, it is more convenient to purchase and install photovoltaic systems rather than requesting a link to the eletricity grid of the nearest city.


There Samsung installed its container in Phomolong, a rural area near Johannesburg, South Africa. Due to its practicality, the Samsung container school, can be set up and educated in many remote locations.

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