Energy saving, new life for the agricultural sector

There is still strong resistance in the agricultural sector. Not all farmers are ready to embrace technology yet, with renewable, the combination of “Agriculture-Technology” is not only possible but also convenient. Photovoltaic greenhouses, heat pumps, vogeneration from biomass but also more simply solar systems and led lighting. There are many solutions that can favor substantial energy saving in the field agricultural.

When it comes to photovoltaic greenhouses reference is made to details agricultural greenhouses which, thanks to photovoltaic roof, can play a dual role. On the one hand, the actual greenhouse will assist in heating the environment and on the other, the portion photovoltaic will produce electricity to meet, partially or totally, the energy needs of thefarm. In a photovoltaic greenhouse, half of the coverage is guaranteed by solar cells and the other half consists of an openable flap commonly made of glass.

The farms they can embrace renewable energies taking advantage of Incentives proposed by Energy bill or again, from the benefits derived from the exchange on the spot; with this solution, thesolar power becomes an opportunity for savings but also for earning: theclean energy excess produced can be fed into the city electricity grid and paid with the so-called "all-encompassing ".

The possibility of install solar panels it must be grasped above all by those farms who need to remove asbestos roofing. In this case, you can access an additional economic subsidy, this is the asbestos bonus.

There are many incentives to access. From the Energy Account to the eternit bonus, without calculating the possibility of profit offered by the all-inclusive tariff for the management of the energy surplus produced. In addition, there are generous personal income tax deductions in case of renovation of old buildings and ruins that are refurbished using the strategies of the energy saving.

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