Autolib, an excellent example of Car-sharing

The programs of Bike sharing is Car Sharing could transform urban transport systems. The excellence of the City of Milan Bike Sharing has shown us how sharing vehicles (electric and non-electric) can facilitate citizenship and spread a sustainable mobility. Another example comes to us from Paris which shows itself as the undisputed leader of the programs of sharing and now he starts the adventure with Autolib, the Parisian program for sharing electric cars.

Some cities around the world have already become very familiar with the car-sharing programs. Thanks to these programs, citizens who do not have a means of transport can "borrow" a'car so as to save the main expenses related to owning a car and spend with the principle "pay-as-you-go“.

In most cases, these programs help to reduce city traffic congestion because they encourage users to use cars occasionally. The latest programs from car sharing are based on the distribution of hybrid or electric vehicles. The example is given by Autolib, a service that could be adopted by all the major cities of the globe.

Autolib is a program launched just over a year ago, following in the footsteps of Velib, the program of bike sharing born in Paris in early 2007. The goal of Autolib is to make about 3,000 citizens available electric cars which, with the sharing program, can prevent 22,500 private vehicles from being put on the road. Autolib has not yet reached its goal but is more than halfway through the work: the electric cars 1,800 available for sharing, together with 700 affiliated points and numerous charging stations.

In about a year, the company managed to count approximately 37,000 occasional subscriptions and 13,000 annual subscriptions, for an average of 1,200 users per month. Lovers of car-sharing it is above all young adults who, unable to afford a private car, preferelectric car in sharing to public transport. It would be great to see the global spread of such programs!

Video: P2P carsharing and the evolution of private mobility. Valerio Sandri. TEDxCopenhagenSalon (October 2020).