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Energy efficiency of buildings, how much do we care?

House heating is the second cause of environmental pollution and represents over 15% of energy consumption national. These consumptions are related to the type of structure of the apartment. In this perspective,energy efficiency is an essential factor for choosing a property, it has a positive impact on the environment and on electricity expense housekeeper.

On the subject of energy efficiency, the community has made great progress, as demonstrated by a research by FIMAA Milano Monza & Brianza, previewed at the “Meca 2012”. According to the report, young couples also evaluate theenergy efficiency when buying home. "What matters is the energy saving in the long run”, Is what emerges from a sample of 250 real estate agencies where both agents and clients were interviewed.

In first place there is theenergy efficiency, among the evaluations follow, in statistical order, personalization, security, design and home automation. To protect the citizen who intends to buy a house, the obligation of theEnergy Certification, without which it will not be possible to sell or rent the house. The law establishes the obligation to specify the energy rating already in the real estate ad. A big drawback is that the legislation is applied at the regional level, so it becomes a jungle to be able to control compliance with this legislation.

Emilia Romagna, for example, does not apply penalties, Piedmont applies them proportionally to the square meters. The most strict regulatory region is Lombardy where it is mandatory to declare the energy rating and the energy performance index for each individual property unit or for the entire building in all advertisements for sale or lease. Failure to comply with these provisions, in Lombardy, entails an administrative penalty ranging from € 1,000 to € 5,000.

Surprisingly positive the data on the new construction sites in Milan, which show a city attentive to the problem of sustainability: of the 29 mapped construction sites, for a total of 1560 apartments, 8% have an A + certification, 50% have class A and remaining class B.

Video: COVID-19, Ventilation, u0026 Energy Efficiency for Building Owners u0026 Managers Webinar (October 2020).