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Two Ministers, institutions and companies at Ecomondo

Two ministers and a list of presidents and vice-presidents of organizations and associations that almost makes an impression to read it to the end. All a Rimini on 7-8 November for the States General of the Green Economy in the days of the fair Ecomondo-Key Energy (November 7-10). In the past the States General were an extraordinary event to deal with emergency situations, today it is no different. The environment and the economy present the bill.

The States General of the Green Economy are promoted by Ministry of the Environment and an organizing committee made up of 39 business organizations representing the Italian green economy.

The States General they will contribute to elaborating the national and European strategy after the Rio + 20 United Nations Conference making a programmatic proposal for the development of green economy in Italy divided into 8 strategic themes corresponding to the 8 working groups set up within the States General.

Through the 8 working groups, numerous thematic national meetings were organized in 2012 involving about 1000 experts and representatives of organizations and companies on the 8 topics: eco-innovation, energy efficiency and saving, renewable energy sources, waste recycling, sustainable mobility, ecological quality agricultural supply chains, environmental services, economic instruments and sustainable credit.

The States General of the Green Economy will open the November 7 at 11.30 am in the Neri Room - South Hall of Rimini Fiera with the introductory speech by the Minister of the Environment Corrado Clini. There conclusion on 8 November with the Minister of Economic Development Corrado Passera.

The interventions of: Walter Facciotto are foreseen (for work groups); Piero Lacorazza (UPI - Union of Italian Provinces); Vittorio Cogliati Dezza (President of Legambiente); Sen. Antonio D’Alì (President of the Environment Commission Senate PDL); Massimo De Maio (President Fare Verde); Graziano Delrio (President of ANCI); Gian Carlo Muzzarelli (Green Economy Association Reg. Emilia Romagna); Sen. Francesco Ferrante (Environment Commission Senate PD); Stefano Leoni (WWF President); Hon. Maurizio Lupi (Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies PDL); Sergio Marini (President Coldiretti); Giuseppe Onufrio (Executive Director of Greenpeace); Hon. Ermete Realacci (Environment Commission Camera PD); Guido Bortoni (President of the Authority for Electricity and Gas); Pietro Colucci (for work groups); Fulvio Giacomazzi (Confederal Secretary of CISL); Elena Lattuada (Confederal Secretary CGIL); Paolo Carcassi (Confederal Secretary UIL); Giovanni Centrella (UGL Secretary General); Giuseppe Politi (President of the Italian Farmers Confederation); Stefano Fassina (Head of Economics and Work PD); Antonio Tajani (Vice President of the European Commission); Giancarlo Cremonesi (President of Confservizi); Mario Guidi President of Confagricoltura; Giuliano Poletti (Co-president of the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives); Giorgio Russomanno (R. AND YOU. Italian companies); Edoardo Garrone (Technical Committee for the Environment - Confindustria); Corrado Passera (Minister of Economic Development).

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