From Japan the bike for mothers and children

Which is the medium that does not emit polluting gases in the air, which can be parked anywhere, which does not pay road tax and which can carry two children in complete safety at the same time? There electric bicycle! We are not talking about a commune electric bicycle but of a model designed specifically for pedaling taking your little ones with you.

The Japanese thought of it to make a three-way walk on the same vehicle possible. Indeed he thought about it Bridgestone. It's about a electric bicycle designed for women who do not want to give up the pleasure of cycling while having small children. The bike is equipped with specific equipment to make transporting children comfortable.

Is called Angelino Petite Attend and has two high chairs, one in front and the other in the back, to carry two children at the same time. The high chairs have been made according to safety criteria for small passengers: they are equipped with head supports and special platforms to rest the feet.

LOOK BIKE PHOTOS Angelino Petite Assist

The rear seat has a handlebar for resting your hands. The rest of the equipment includes bumpers, safety chain, basket and a stand designed to make parking particularly easy and safe. In this way, children can safely get off the bike.

There pedal assisted bike, has three different types of speeds and a range of about 35 km. The frame is resistant, one adult and two children can climb on it, up to a maximum weight of 100 kg in total. The bike costs 141,800 yen (about 1,400 euros) and is currently only available on the Japanese market, where over 300 thousand pieces have already been sold. There is still no news on the marketing of the bike in Europe, hopefully very soon, since it could prove to be a useful means for those who have children and are used to moving on two wheels.

LOOK BIKE PHOTOS Angelino Petite Assist

Video: Amazing Japanese bikes with child seat what convenience!! video by Arif Herekar (October 2020).