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The vertical vegetable garden from recycled plastic

To produce a kilogram of PET plastic, the equivalent of 25 bottles, you need 2 kilograms of oil and 17.5 liters of water. The industrial process involves a large expenditure of water, many CO2 emissions and problems in disposal. Then if we think about the use we make of plastic bottles, the result is sadly ironic: to contain 37.5 liters of water, we have to consume about half of it! The only optimal solution is the recycling of plastic for the production of other plastics but this is not always possible, so we need to implement more creative recycling strategies.

Among the original ideas that are realized precisely through the recycling of plastic, one appears that could prove to be an excellent opportunity for those who have a minimum of space and want to produce their own vegetables at home. It is a eco system of vertical cultivation, thePet-Tree Vertical. The system exploits the reuse of five-liter plastic bottles to develop a garden in height in a simple and ecological.

The main body is built exclusively from materials recycled plastics welded with cellulose acetate. The system created by the Turkish company Designnobis is easy to assemble and use. Use and maintenance are very simple, you just need to place the seeds. Pet-Tree Vertical has an innovative water circulation mechanism: it collects rainwater, and works with drip irrigation.

The innovative system eliminates water losses. The water tank for the jars leaks and once all the jars have been watered, the excess water is collected in the pet bottles located at the lowest level of the structure in order to reuse the water, helping out. concrete to the conservation ofnatural resources. Double advantage in a single structure: we have a better optimization of the space at our disposal and at the same time contribute to environmental sustainability.

It is ideal for those who do not have a garden but simply a balcony, even if it was designed specifically for industrial crops. Pet-Tree it ensures a 175% increase in production compared to a traditional horizontal crop. For its sustainable system, Il Pet-Tree Verticalis an eco plant that has won some international green awards.

Video: Urban Vegetable Gardening in Recycled Plastic Containers (October 2020).