Renault protagonist of zero-emission mobility

An image of Renault's ZOE

We give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, to the French what belongs to the French. If anything, asking ourselves why theItalian car company (the big one) stays at the window. Today Renault is the only car manufacturer to offer a complete range of zero-emission vehicles for private and professional needs.

Vehicles 100% electric like the urban crosser Twizy, the van Kangoo Z.E., the big sedan Fluence Z.E, and in the coming months also the compact sedan ZOE, with which the French company is leading the mobility revolution with a view to greater respect for the environment. All models on display at the recent Mobility Tech which took place a few days ago in Milan.

In Renault's strategy, i environmental benefits of a zero-emission technology are combined with innovative design, cutting-edge technology and unprecedented functionalities, factors that have led, for example, to the success of Renault Twizy, an unprecedented urban mobility solution which, just over 5 months after its launch, is today the best-selling electric vehicle in Italy.

Now the arrival on the market of Renault ZOE, concentrate of the most innovative technologies: the system OptimiZEr range for the optimization of energy consumption, the highest average autonomy value among the mass-produced electric models, equal to 210 km (in NEDC cycle), the on-board connector Chameleon to recharge with any power level, even at 43 kW in just 30 minutes, the multimedia tablet R-Link.

"Renault was the first to define a strategy and a global industrial approach to the issue of electric mobility with the aim of bringing to the market technologically advanced, safe, high-performance products with an innovative design and distributed throughout the dealer network, all at an affordable price " commented Francesco Fontana Giusti, Communication Director of Renault Italy. "This commitment has already led us to have a full range of 100% electric vehicles that are the best sellers on the market today."

In Renault's vision, the electric mobility it also responds to an innovative and more integrated vision of transport, suitable to face the challenges of a modern and efficient one urban mobility. With this in mind, the solutions of electric mobility of Renault propose themselves as effective tool for one Sustainable Development, alongside national and local policies for the development of a charging infrastructure and for measures to support the purchase and use of electric vehicles.

Video: Zero Emission Magazine n10, the Renault Electric Vehicle - (October 2020).