The biodegradable that defuses Anti-Human Mines

When we hear about "minefields", Memories related to the"flowery meadow ", the old game pre-installed on Windows OS, yet for millions of people, i minefields, they are a constant threat. Of course, the last time we took part in an excursion we weren't worried about step on a mine but these are responsible for over 20,000 deaths a year.

Mines are particularly widespread in Middle Eastern countries. Governments should keep track of where i have been set up minefields but many have been abandoned, forgotten, or uncontrolled. The result is devastating and sees vast areas of land characterized by the presence of Landmines buried just below the first layer of soil. These areas cause entire populations to live in terror, reap victims and take prisoners: many people are too scared and prefer not to leave the small protected areas.


The Afghan designer Massoud Hassani was tired of being held captive by Landmines, so he found an economical method for securing the minefields. His invention recalls a big "roll field“, Made at low cost and with biodegradable materials.

On the website of Massoud Hassani we read that children often play with kites and other objects that can be carried by the wind up to minefields. At this point the child will have to give up his game on pain of death. As an adult, Massound Hassani often wondered if the wind could help him detect the presence of mines and detonate them without claiming any victims. This is how the "roll field“, Officially baptized Mine Kafon.


Made of bamboo canes, Hassani's device has a spherical shape and is light enough to be blown by the wind. On the external end of the device there are discs of biodegradable plastic. In the center of the sphere there is a GPS thanks to which safe fields can be distinguished from those at risk. The discs of Hassani's device could trigger the explosion of a mine but this would not pose any problem: the materials used for the construction of the Mine Kafon, would not negatively impact the environment and meanwhile the GPS will have transmitted the position of the minefield which could thus be reclaimed.

Video: Disarming Conversational Land Mines (October 2020).