Bike Lane Safety Light

How many times have you given up the pleasure of cycling through the streets of your city because it was now evening? Riding a bike means endorsing one of the most important forms ofsustainable mobility, however, often in our cities there are not the right conditions for cycling. There are not always the cycle paths and the lighting is not adequate.

Often cars approach cyclists far beyond the safe distance, with the risk of causing accidents! There is no doubt that the bike is a sustainable vehicle but at night it could also prove to be a precarious means of safety on the road. In this perspective the Bike Lane Safety Light, an instant lane that creates a "virtual bike path‚ÄĚProjected behind the cyclist.

It is a saddle lamp that fires a double 5 milliwatt red laser behind the cyclist to signal his presence to oncoming cars. The laser advances with the bicycle creating a perimeter of visibility up to two kilometers even in the presence of street lamps or other lighting. Furthermore, the projector is water resistant. The device, powered by two AAA batteries, obviously offers no physical protection to the cyclistbut the purpose of this virtual bike path is to indicate to the motorists who arrive the presence of the bike to avoid bad accidents.

The device also acts as a normal rear position light thanks to the integrated red LEDs. It is certainly an element of protection for the urban cyclist, which can be even more effective than other systems, such as LED lights or helmets with airbags.

The Bike Lane Safety Light is already available for $ 40 on the Amazon site. With Bike Line Safety Light our walks in the evening can be safer. It will therefore no longer be necessary to travel by car in the evening for short routes and the environment will be happy. If you are interested in the accessories for cyclists, see this article.

Video: TheXfire com Bike Lane Laser Safety Lighting Systems (October 2020).