Layoffs, no sector is safe

It did not take an analysis to tell but the European Commission's annual report highlighted dramatic figures: 21,000 workers made redundant because of economic crisis and the effects of globalization have received help to find a new job. This aid saw a payment of 128 million euros from the EGF, among the countries helped on the front line Italy also stands out.

The contributions paid by the EGF to workers from the Member States increased by 50% compared to 2010. EGF funds are indispensable and have proven their effectiveness in countries such as Belgium, Sweden and Ireland. 2,352 workers of 5,228 made redundant in the automotive, textile and IT sectors found work thanks to the support provided by the EGF. A small consolation given the pressing layoffs: the Nokia Siemens Networks announced its intention to proceed with 367 layoffs at the plant in Cassina de 'Pecchi as part of an extensive restructuring that also involves the offices in Catania, Rome, Naples and Palermo for a total of 445 employees.

The layoffs are related to economic crisis and phenomena such as the relocation and globalization: foreign labor costs much less than Italian, the most striking example is provided byphotovoltaic industry where Europe imports 80% of solar panels precisely from China to the detriment of local companies. Although the green economy is in full swing, with relocation, no sector is safe.

One area that is particularly at risk is that agricultural, there are no adequate plans for the protection of workers in the sector. It is good to allocate funds for the farms that protect the biodiversity and implement policies of water saving but all this is not enough. Europe should speak out in favor of workers and should act in the interest of territory without asking for impossible sacrifices from the citizens.

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