It can produce gasoline from air and water

A British company has developed a new technology capable of convert carbon dioxide present in the air in fuel. This discovery could change the fate of the entire planet and put a stop to global warming.

The British company is the Fuel Synthesis Air. It began testing in August and hopes to expand its plant (on an industrial scale) within the next two years. The company plans to produce green fuel also for airlines.

Peter Harrison, the CEO of Fuel Synthesis Air he says he is enthusiastic and during an interview with the British newspaper "The Independent" he explained: "We took carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from water. We have turned these two elements into petrol. No other Italian manufacturer is able to do this and as far as we know there are no such applications abroad either. The product has all the air of being petrol but it is cleaner and clearer than that made from petroleum ".

Damian Ryan, Head of Corporate Policy for Climate Group he confidently commented: "It is clear, there is a long way to go before this gasoline establishes itself on the market with a competitive cost. In any case, it is a demonstration of what technologies under development can do and this could provide a completely different approach to the energy sources of the future. "

But the petrol produced by air and water is it really green?
To produce this gasoline, the Fuel Synthesis Air has developed a system that requires electricity both to strip hydrogen from water with electrolysis and CO2 from the air with some filters. That energy must come from renewables otherwise the gasoline produced would no longer be so green and the whole process would be meaningless! This is why it is essential to support the expansion of renewables such aswind and photovoltaic energy.

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