Fiat 500 electric at the Los Angeles motor show

There 500 electric of the Fiat is approaching the official debut, the effort ecological of Fiat until now I did not go beyond methane car, things are about to change, the Fiat will show its side electric but it will do so only in the New Continent. Fiat will present the new one 500 EV at the Los Angeles Motor Show scheduled for November 30th.

The debut of the little girl electric Italian was confirmed by the organizers of the event, who however were not able to anticipate many details due to the confidentiality maintained by the Turin manufacturer. The only certain thing is that the engine of the Fiat 500 with zero emissions it will be electric with 100 horsepower (74 kW) of power to comply with California state regulations regarding emissions; necessary adjustment, as the sale will be limited to the American market.

The autonomy should vary between 120 and 160 kilometers. The lithium-ion batteries will be supplied byBosch, but the characteristics are not yet known. how much will the increase in weight due to the installation of the battery pack affect the handling of the compact Italian utility car? It is not known, even why Fiat has not the slightest intention of advertising it. To get the answers on the technical details, performance, price and timing of the debut on the market, which should take place within the next year anyway, we will have to wait until the presentation at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

Together with 500e, the Los Angeles Motor Show will see the debut of theAbarth 500 Cabrio and a special version of theDodge Dart called Aero.

The debut of the 500 electric however, it seems paradoxical in that it could cause more problems than satisfactions: there is a real hypothesis that the company could lose almost 15,000 euros for each model sold. Precisely for this reason, only a few will be produced and at a price that should be around 36 thousand dollars.

Why the Fiat produced a electric car and above all why is it not destined for the Italian market?
In the US, the state of California requires builders to Automobiles to reserve a portion of their range for electric vehicles. If the Fiat did not produce one electric car the rich Californian market would be lost.

Video: FIAT Press Conference - all electric 500e Debut - Los Angeles Auto Show 2012-11-28 (October 2020).