Bio Building

Kofunaki, the green house

A team of researchers, in collaboration with the citizens, has created a ecovillage ready to accommodate 1,000 people. We are in Shiga prefecture, near Kyoto, Japan.

The project was born from the pen of the architects Sumiou Mizumoto and Yoshitaka Kuga, of the studio ALTS Design. The homes ofecovillage they can only be green, the house is an example Kofunaki: all surfaces are in natural wood, the windows are placed in strategic positions so as to take full advantage of natural light, even the placement of internal gardens with shrubs and succulents has been designed to regulate humidity in a way natural.


As a rule, a conventional house outlines an internal environment by separating it from the outside. In this case, the two environments merge and the house seems to host nature and be a sweet part of it. At the entrance to the house there is a suggestive gravel garden. The House Kufonaki it has about 1400 square meters, no centimeter has been left by chance, the design has been studied to be in full harmony with any space.


A staircase connects the ground floor with the upper level, it almost looks like a bridge between the sleeping area and the office, however, the spaces are delicately separated by semi-transparent curtains. The choice of use of the curtains was dictated by the need to minimize the building materials, in this way there are not many walls and the entire architecture appears fluid and dynamic. No details have been provided about the materials used but from the photo gallery everything seems to be reduced to the essentials.

In fact it is not necessary to travel to Japan to be able to appreciate a ecovillage, we Italians also have one in the pipeline, it is thesolar ecovillage of Gubbio.

Video: Minecraft: How to Build a Greenhouse. Building Ideas for Minecraft (October 2020).