Ikea loves the environment

Ikea, the Swedish company known throughout the world for its components for the home, is once again being talked about. This currency does not discuss the content of its commercials, but the environment: Ikea announced to the world that by 2020 it will fully rely on renewable energies. Not only clean energies but also reforestation with a program that plans to plant more trees than those used for the production of furniture and home accessories.

Ikea concretizes its commitment in nature conservation and, by 2020, among retailers' branches Ikea, only products a will be available energy saving including induction cookers and LED lamps. In an interview with Reuters, Mikael Ohlsson, CEO of the Swedish company, said that the step taken by Ikea will represent the great turning point towards sustainable innovation.

In this project, IKEA will invest 1.5 billion euros by 2015 alone. The funds will be invested in the sources of renewable energy such as wind and solar plants that will produce the electricity needed to meet at least 70% of the electricity requirement of the entire group. By 2020 a production of clean energy higher than the electricity needs of the group.

No wonder: Ikea already heads several wind farms scattered in six European countries and on the roofs of many Ikea buildings, warehouses and stores, there are 342,000 solar panels. For now, these plants satisfy 27% of the Swedish group's energy hunger.

Today, Ikea, for the production of furniture and accessories, does not use wood from natural forests but, to strengthen its commitment to nature conservation, plans to plant more trees than he uses to make beds and wardrobes! More, Ikea purchased 10 million cubic meters of wood certified by the non-profit organization "Forest Stewardship Council ".

It should be emphasized that the group Ikea is also trying to set more virtuous goals regarding the use of materials such as palm oil, leather and cotton. When it comes to foreign supplies, there is a risk of a minefield: the group Ikea undertakes not to violate any human rights, from child labor to workers' rights. This goal will be pursued with the introduction of unannounced checks to suppliers. The company will launch campaigns of recycling in the localities where it operates and will fight to ensure the supply of drinking water and reduce waste in all the communities where it is present.

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