How to make Halloween pumpkin

The weekend has come, why not take advantage of it carve a pumpkin for Halloween? After giving it scary expressions thanks to the carving, we could display it outside on the balcony or use it as a centerpiece. Here is a simple guide for make a Halloween pumpkin.

How to make Halloween pumpkin. Pumpkin emptying
Get a pumpkin that is large enough at least 50 cm in circumference sufficiently regular in shape. After cleaning it with a damp cloth, cut the pumpkin along the circumference of the petiole to about 4 cm in order to create a sort of small lid to be stored at the end of the work.

Empty the pumpkin from seeds and slimy filaments with your hand. Then remove the pulp of the pumpkin from the inside with the help of a knife and a spoon, until you get a very clean internal surface. This operation is crucial: the thinner the walls of the pumpkin and the easier it will be to carve it and consequently the brighter it will be once turned on.

How to make Halloween pumpkin. The carving of the pumpkin
After emptying the pumpkin for good, we will move on to the next phase which consists in the creation of the characteristic expression, which must necessarily include two large eyes, a nose and a wide mouth. Draw a monstrous, toothless face on the pumpkin using straight lines to make the carving phase easier: it is possible to represent eyes and nose through triangles and to create a toothless mouth with zigzag lines.

Carve the pumpkin with a pointed knife or a cutter following the lines drawn with the marker. Carve the various parts and remove them using the same tool used for the carving. Here is your pumpkin ready for the Halloween party.

How about placing a candle or tealight inside it that gives the expression an extra touch of monstrosity? Attention, do not throw away the pulp obtained from pumpkin, is the right ingredient for a vegan Halloween dessert.

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