More rights for those who work at sea

After years of negotiations between unions and employers, good news finally arrives for those who work at sea. THE workers rights they look like a "Optional", with the economic crisis and the unemployment rate increasing, we tend to think that "it is already a luxury to have a job”And we end up accepting undignified conditions. Someone recently said that young Italians are “Too choosy”But the facts reveal other truths.

For those who work at sea there are news, workers will finally have rules in line with the standard approved byInternational Maritime Organization (Omi). Increase safety for the worker with ad hoc training courses that also include preparation in case of armed or pirate attacks.

The European rules on the minimum rest time have been confirmed, more stringent than international ones. Excellent news is the "controls ", the European Commission will be able to gather information on the various crews operating in Community waters. The changes concern all those who operate at sea and arrive after a few months from the combinations seen in fish sector arrived last spring.

Last May, thanks to Common Fisheries Policy, the obligation to implement has been established more sustainable policies about the treatment of fish stocks. By 2015, all fish stocks will have to be more eco-friendly with the progressive abolition of the practice of rejection. With the rejection, the ship's crew threw all the accidental catches of fish back into the open sea; this practice, although not polluting for the sea, is a big food waste. All fishing vessels are obliged to land all fish caught in order to eliminate waste.

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