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MobilityTech 2012, in Milan on 22-23 October

Photo: Lucio Berardinelli

After the success of the Neapolitan edition that took place in Castel dell’Ovo last June, it returns to the capital in Milan MobilityTech, the largest national event on technological innovation for the development of mobility he was born in public transport. The two days dedicated to the innovation of mobility will be held at Giureconsulti Palace October 22-23. The appointments will turn the spotlight on the way of experiencing the city and on the improvements of the urban mobility that await us in the more immediate future.

Many major topics will be covered which can be grouped into three topics presented by MobilityTech with the names of:
AVA TOWN: digital city, city sustainable
Low bus environmental impact, electric vehicles, new generation subways and trams, smart parking meters, charging stations but also a smarter administration, from the management of accounts and payments with virtual platforms. All this can be experienced first hand at Palazzo Giureconsulti, there will be conferences and debates which, for the third consecutive year, have obtained the high recognition of the President of the Republic for their high scientific value.

Electric Towns
A face to face with the major European companies to examine the role of transport on a regional and metropolitan scale. Comparisons between sector operators, companies, industries and public administrators. The Electric Cities they will be able to count on numerous technical visits so that they can see with their own eyes what the future holds.

The Hackthons of Sustainable mobility
A programming competition between young computer experts. The purpose? Develop an application for smartphones and tablets that embraces the scope of sustainable mobility.

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