Green Wheel: just one wheel and the bike becomes electric

Green Wheel it's a electric wheel that transforms any bicycle into an electric bicycle. In a really simple way: two turns of the key on the hub nuts, a hook to the chain and here is the comfort of the assisted pedaling that intervenes when needed.

Peculiar feature of Green Wheell, in addition to its flexibility that allows you to transform each traditional bicycle a electric, is the ability to support the cyclist smoothly even in cases of greater inclination, thanks to an electromechanical system that provides the cyclist with assistance in proportion to the effort exerted on the pedal. All collected data can be transferred via a bluetooth connection to commonly used devices, such as smartphones.

Green Wheell she is the last born in the house Ducati Energy, a leading company in the sector of sustainable mobility and always engaged in research. A real revolution in the field of sustainable biking, because it offers everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the advantages of a pedal assisted bicycle without buying a new bike and with a cost-effective expense.

The genius of Green Wheell is to concentrate the whole system (batteries, motor, inverter, control electronics) inside the rear hub of the bicycle, with the possibility of a 'regenerative' braking, which uses the energy produced during braking to recharge the battery. The technical components of Green Whell are the 4.7 Ah lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack (LiFeP04), the 250W brushless motor, bluetooth, GPS and 26-inch wheel size.

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