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Clean Energy in the House

Is your home located in a place where there is a lot of sunlight during the day? Is it located in a windy place? Switch toclean energy! To choose clean energy it is a demonstration of sensitivity and respect for the environment. The advantages are manifold thanks also to state incentives.

There are a wide range of electrical production systems for residential users on the market. They go micro wind turbines positioned on the roof that take advantage of the wind ai photovoltaic panels They are also positioned on the roof and use the sun to generate electricity in a clean and silent way.

The solar systems they have now conquered the Italian market but the residential wind farms have little fame. There are several on the market and all with the same prerogatives: efficient and silent.

A few fundamental parameters are enough: if the local wind characteristics are sufficient for a good number of hours / year of turbine operation, we can install a micro wind turbine. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • The cost of installing a 20 kW wind turbine is approximately 3,000 / 4,000 euros.
  • If it becomes difficult to choose between one wind turbine or a photovoltaic panel, there is Greenerator.
  • The device consists of a Solar Panel combined with a small wind turbine.

Greenerator it can be installed on the balcony of the house, especially in the apartments of condominiums. How does it work? When there is sun the panel produces electricity, when there is wind the turbine takes care of it.

Maybe you live close to a river or a stream? It could be ideal for harnessing the energy of water and converting it into electricity for the home through the installation of hydroelectric turbines. Even food waste can produce electricity in the home. Just don't throw them away but keep them. Indeed, the fermentation of compostable waste produces biogas which can be substituted for normal gas. This way they will be avoided CO2 emissions for disposal.

Clean energy under your feet? Yes it is possible thanks to a geothermal pump. The ground, in fact, contains an inexhaustible source of heat. Thanks to underground probes this heat is conveyed and multiplied through a heat pump, so as to produce hot water for heating. The system is very quiet and does not require maintenance. There are no dangers of fire or gaseous emissions as there is no involvement of any type of fuel.

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