How to recycle a tire

Why not make a nice and comfortable one pouf with the tire that you still keep in the garage? What do we still need? All you need is an old curtain fabric, some foam, a sheet of plywood, some glue and a spray can of the color of your choice, to create a nice DIY ottoman.

How to recycle a tire. The preparation
The first thing to do is to wash the wheel well without wasting too much water and without using detergents that can harm the environment. Once we are sure that the wheel is dry we can proceed with the paint, making sure that the color also covers the cracks in the tire itself.

You can also decide to blend the color, just use another spray of a lighter shade in some places. Let it dry for at least a day and then pass a few coats of transparent protective varnish with a wide brush to fix the color well.

Get a round plywood from the carpenter whose diameter must correspond to the circumference of the inside of the tire. In this way the seat will fit perfectly on the tire and act as a cover for the pouf.

How to recycle a tire. The padding
Before attaching the plywood to the tire, a pad must be created. For this we will need 10 cm foam of the same diameter as the plywood circle. To glue it on the plywood you just need a glue available in any hardware store.

How to recycle a tire. External coating
At this point we have to move on to the external coating. Cut the fabric on the round shape of the plywood so that it completely covers the thickness of the foam leaving a fold of at least ten cm to be able to encapsulate the foam to the fabric well.

In a bowl, mix the vinyl glue and water. We cover the foam with the freshly cut fabric and glue the remnants under the plywood making sure to compress the foam well. Once we have finished covering the plywood shape well, now we just have to fit it to the tire and our pouf is ready.

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