AAA Airport for sale: the first case in Europe in Forlì

AAA airport for sale. In good condition, used but not too much, ideal for investors with innovative projects. The airport in question is the Luigi Ridolfi of Forlì, the third regional airport in Emilia Romagna for passenger traffic, for which ENAC (National Agency for Civil Aviation) has ready the concession of total management to potential Italian and international investors.

The idea is not typically green (it could become so if future concession holders decide to adopt the best practices that today contribute to making more sustainable air traffic) but it certainly is original. It is in fact the first case in Europe in which the sale of an airport facility is offered directly to private buyers.

The unprecedented event will be illustrated during a press conference Tuesday 23 October (at 12:00) a Milan, at the Conference room Understanding St. Paul (Palazzo Besana, piazza Belgioioso 1) preceded by a presentation reserved for financial analysts, economic operators, airlines and potential investors.

During the meeting, the characteristics of the call for tenders (entrance fee, duration of the concession) and presented the strengths of the structure (broad traffic management capacity, development potential, settlement on the territory, related activities, functionality). They will also be present Roberto Balzani, Mayor of Forlì e Alberto Zambianchi, President of the Forlì Cesena Chamber of Commerce.

Luigi Ridolfi airport in Forlì has already hit the headlines in recent days for the shock proposal of the president of the industrialists of Forlì and Cesena, Massimo Balzani, to name the structure a Benito Mussolini, born not far away. It was the Duce himself, in the 1930s, who wanted the Forlì airport, but it was also the Fascist government that decided to name it after Ridolfi, a valiant fighter in the air force native of Forlì, who died the year following the end of the First World War for an in-flight accident.

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