Rent electric bikes in Rome

Stroll through the parks of Rome on board a electric bikes it is not an impossible dream. The initiative of the Ministry of the Environment, the electric bike sharing which offers everyone the opportunity to rent electric bikes at more than affordable prices. There sustainable mobility it is not a luxury for a few but a right for all.

The project provides for the funding of 650 thousand euros and involves the availability of 90 electric bicycles available for rental. The cost per rent an electric bike in Rome is 2.50 euros per hour. The maximum usage time is two hours.

The electric bikes they will be available to tourists and Romans and will be located in two locations: 60 bikes in Villa Borghese and 30 in Villa Ada. The only drawback is the limited time of the service. The cyclist cannot rent the bike for more than two hours, is it worth it? A fine of 10 euros for each hour of delay! This constraint is necessary to allow more people to use the service.

90 electric bicycles they are certified as “mountain bikes”, are built with rustproof materials, have lights always on, drum brakes and electronic control system for greater safety on the road.

How will it be possible rent an electric bike in Rome?
To use the service of electric bike sharing just call, the call center will answer Clear Channel, channel that will manage the service. The user must provide his personal data and those of his credit card as a guarantee in case of theft: if the cyclist does not return the bicycle, he will be charged the full cost of the vehicle. The service will be active from Tuesday to Sunday.

The experimental project will last for one year and the proceeds will be used to re-evaluate the image of Villa Borghese and Villa Ada, in what way? One hundred trees will be planted and charging stations will be set up for ebike.