Wind power

Incentives for wind farms

L'wind power plantis an example of the exploitation of wind energy useful for generating electricity even in one's own home. What are the benefits of investing in a mini wind power plant? The advantages are many: no polluting emissions, savings on fossil fuels, low maintenance and low environmental impact.

The all-inclusive fixed rate of the D.M. of 18/12/2008 provided for the introduction of a state incentive for wind farms not exceeding 200 kW. L'plant also can enjoy the benefits of on-site exchange which consists of an incentive mechanism through negotiable securities issued on the basis ofelectric energy produced by the plants themselves.

By on-site exchange we mean the service provided by the competent distribution company in the area where the plant is located. The service pays an annual balance for the electricity fed into the network by the system itself, excluding electricity taken from the network. The incentives, in both cases, provide for the obligation to introduce a minimum amount of electricity into the national electricity system each year thatwind power plantproduces.

Incentives for wind farms. The remuneration
All-inclusive rates are recognized for a maximum of 15 years. All the energy produced is remunerated to which is added an additional revenue determined by the enhancement of thepower produced, based on the use made of it.

Only the wind farms with power lower than 200 Kw. The incentives are differentiated according to the type of renewable source so in the case of wind power plant the incentive corresponds to 300 euros for each Mwh, then 300 euros for each kwh fed into the network.

At the end of the 15 years thepower produced by the plant can still be sold, on the electricity market or more simply to GSE. Or you can benefit from the on-the-spot exchange mechanism. To take advantage of the all-inclusive rates, the qualification procedure for the system powered by renewables.

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