Eco Bike Design Contest 2012

The competition ended a few days ago Eco Bike Design Contest 2012, promoted by Solsonica SpA and POLI design with the patronage of ADI Italian Association for Industrial Design. The aim of the competition was to design a new vision of electric mobility on two wheels with onebicycle pedal assisted and one photovoltaic shelter for its accommodation and charging station.

Purpose to which the winner succeeded very well Jimena Martinez thanks to its concept. The project he created was particularly appreciated by the jury who considered the fusion between shelter and bicycle highlighting the corporate brand. The design, elegant, stylish and at the height of recognition was no less impressive.

Second place for the duoEnrico Oggero-Livio Novara, with their concept appreciated for the interesting integration of the propulsion elements in the rear wheel and for the reference to the brand through the elements located on the rear wheel. Even the shelter proved to be very efficient in use.

Third place for Cristiano Giuggioli, whose project was appreciated for the innovative concept of the assembly and transport kit for the shelter, which is comfortable and functional. Also awarded for the originality of the battery housing system.

The winner was awarded € 4,000, the second place went to € 2,000 while the prize for the third was € 1,000. The competition took place in two phases, where at the end of the first phase, the jury had already evaluated the innovation, functionality and design of the competing projects, identifying the 3 finalists who, in the second phase, had the opportunity to develop their own concept based on additional information received.

The jury then decreed the winner by choosing the project that best summarized the combination of design and functionality. The awards awarded joined the sustainable mobility linked to the world of pedals, all'renewable energy of the sector photovoltaic.

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