Chicago, green streets are coming

The Chicago Department of Transportation publicly announced the birth of the road more green of America but probably also of the globe. The road is characterized by the use of photocatalytic cement, material known for its ability to catch some harmful gases from the air. Vehicle exhausts emit harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides, the photocatalytic action of the road surface will eliminate nitrogen oxides from the atmosphere making the air healthier!

How does the photocatalytic cement? In the presence of sunlight, nitrogen oxides can be reduced. The nitrogen oxides are a danger to public health, at risk are users already suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or emphysema. The nitrogen oxides, after inhalation, they can penetrate into the lung tissues and according to the EPA can cause premature death. After reading this data, the role of the photocatalytic cement it can only be appreciated.

The greenest street in America is located between Cermak Road and Blue Island Avenue. The road is virtuous in its function but also in its realization: it is largely made up of recycled materials. The road can also boast a rainwater management system, this system will provide for flooding and prevent contaminants collected on the road from ending up in the Mississippi River.

The new road is more "bike-friendly" with a natural predisposition to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. If Chicago can build such an innovative road, I don't see why other cities in the US and the world couldn't. Roads of this kind could be the protagonists of the new infrastructure projects for Smart Cityin addition, a "green" environment encourages the use of bicycles and strengthens the philosophy of sustainable mobility.

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