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Expo 2015, will there be the United States?

During the six months of Expo 2015, Italy will have to give the best of itself. In those six months in Milan, every day, there will be 140 thousand visitors, for a total of 20 million people. A golden opportunity to unhinge the state of crisis in which the country lies. More than a hundred nations have now officially joined the Milan Expo 2015.

Among the unofficial holdings is that of the United States. Last May, the American exponent Hillary Clinton had already reassured Italy, stating that "The United States will participate in the Universal Exposition in Milan ", other confirmations come from our Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi.

There are very positive signs, even if an official document is missing, everything suggests that the United States will participate in theExpo 2015. This is supported by the Minister Giulio Terzi. The United States has never taken part in theUniversal Exposition. Past editions of Expo they never counted four major countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil and the USA.

While Brazil presented its candidacy to offer itself as a venue for theExpo 2020, the United States suggests active participation in Milan Expo 2015. Minister Giulio Terzi had the opportunity to meet with the US administration at the conference of the Italian-Americans Foundation where he was able to ascertain that "the American administration encourages, supports and promotes the participation of private companies in Expo 2015 ″.

The United States will thus be represented by private companies. L'Universal Exhibition of Milan 2015 offers the city and the entire nation the opportunity to place itself at the center of the social and economic development of the entire globe. The participation of a rich country like the US would do nothing but benefit both the image of Italy in the world and the local economy. For now, however, the signing to formalize the participation of the USA still seems far away.

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