Solarskilift, eco-friendly skiing

To Tenna, baby ski resort in the Swiss Alps, the world's first ski lift powered by solar power. If you still have doubts about where to go the White week, know that the Solarskilift it has a capacity of 800 skiers per hour and is capable of producing 90,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy ready to be fed into the public electricity grid.

The Solarskilift it is 450 meters long and has 82 solar panels self-directing connected directly to the cables of the structure. They are automatically orientated to the sun to collect as much light as possible during the day and have been designed to acquire a vertical position in case of heavy snow. This will prevent snow accumulations that could damage them. The plant was inaugurated last winter after two years of intense work and cost 1.35 million Swiss francs, about 1 million euros.


On a bright sunny day, it ski lift it already produces double the energy it consumes during the high season. The Solarskilift, which allows up to 800 skiers per hour, is able to produce 90,000 kilowatt hours of power of which 25,000 will be used to operate the ski lift, while the excess energy will flow into the public network. The summer will be the plant's greatest productivity period.

A project eco friendly strongly desired by the local administration to enhance the area concerned and to make the ski resort the first facility in the world to zero impact on the environment. However, some argue that i solar panels have spoiled the view of the beautiful mountains that surround it. The sun is an inexhaustible source that deserves to be exploited, obviously without disfiguring the natural landscape. It is difficult to understand which side to take, certainly less CO2 will be breathed in those parts.


Video: Can Skiing Be Sustainable? Laax: Green Wintersport In The Swiss Alps. Euromaxx (October 2020).