How to build a green wall

There is agreen alternative to the concrete walls? Yes, they are the so-called "green walls". They are gods natural coatings which in addition to being very pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, constitute a natural protection againstenvironmental pollution and acoustic. THE green walls they can be compatible in any architectural context and can be applied as cladding for external facades, for self-supporting walls or for fences.

How to build a green wall. Plant engineering
The green walls are formed from pre-formed modules, which contain different growing substrates of polypropylene felt to place the plants. They can be easily integrated with facade cladding, facilitate irrigation and act as a support for the chosen vegetation.

A space is left between the modules and the wall which is used for ventilation and thermal-acoustic insulation. Inside the substrate there is a core of peat and expanded perlite, which serves to retain the moisture necessary to recreate the natural habitat for plant growth.

How to build a green wall. Plant species
For the construction of the green wall, plants that need little care during the year are recommended. In addition, they must be ground cover so it is preferable to orient yourself on climbing plants, bushes, shrubs and hanging plants. For the type of lawn, the micro-thermal variety (grasses) that resist well to the cold and not very hot and the macro-thermal variety (weeds and weeds) that love hot climates are suitable. With low temperatures they enter vegetative rest and then become green again in spring.

How to build a green wall. The maintenance
To keep a green wall in excellent condition, two factors are fundamental: irrigation and fertilization. For water and fertilizer, automatic systems incorporated in the systems themselves can be used, with collectors arranged horizontally at different levels of the wall connected to vertical riser pipes that run through the structure in height. You can also have a rain irrigation system which consists in conveying the rain into collection tanks at the base of the wall.

In Italy too, initiatives related to the fashion of the green wall are multiplying, such as the one spotted in Milan last year for the launch of the Peugeot iOn. However, there are no tax incentives for the use of greenery in architecture, in this sense Italy is lagging behind Europe.

The fact remains that the property with a vegetative external facade acquires greater economic value. You can start with a small vertical fence, and as the saying goes, "appetite comes with eating".

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