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US Army Goes Green?

From Bush to Obama, the US military is trying to improve its image in relation to attention to the environment and sustainability. Over the centuries, the American army has certainly not carried out a work of safeguarding the environment: the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the bombings with chemical agents and the bullets with depleted uranium are the most incontrovertible examples of the damage created. .

But nowadays, marketing tries to do everything possible to give a positive image with initiatives, competitions and prizes. So Obama launched a program of sustainability nicknamed Net Zero Army so much so that now, the'US Army Garrison Grafenwoehr can boast environmental awards and can dispense lessons of energy efficiency.

The program Net Zero Army was launched in April 2011 with the aim of ousting military structures from the US power grid, military facilities were also excluded from the US waste management system. This means that the military infrastructure must produce thepower necessary for the needs of their electrical equipment and above all, theUS Army cannot send any waste to landfills. Even the water requirement must be satisfied with locally collected water.

Ecology and green philosophies aside, there is another reason that led the Pentagon to make this green turn: the US military could not depend on fossil fuels imported from some regions of the globe. As for thewater and i waste, the question may seem less obvious, but even in this case theAmerican army it would be tied to factors like Transportation is Supplies.

In the challenge Zero waste, the recycling played a fundamental role. THE waste non-recyclable are shipped to an incinerator with the production of ash that can be used as fertilizer. The steam produced byincinerator it is intended to provide for the heating of a nearby building, in addition, from the combustion process it is produced electric energy. That of the incinerator is not the only source of power, i take care of the rest solar panels.

The target Net Zero Army is not feasible for all military bases: conservation measures will need to be intensifiedpower and intensify educational efforts to discipline the army to a greener conscience with reduced waste production.

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