300MW solar with the Japanese-Hispanic agreement

Japan wants to get rid of the nuclear without giving way to dependence on fossil fuels. So in the Land of the Rising Sun, the focus is ongeothermal energy and al photovoltaic, even if European: a Spanish company plans to invest around one billion euros in solar of Japan.

The Spanish company is the Gestamp Solar and signed an agreement with the Japanese company Kankyo Keiei Senryaku to build and operate solar systems with a capacity of 30 MW. Within three years, the Japanese-Hispanic partnership will lead to the setting up of solar parks for a power of 300 MW. 70% of this capacity will be distributed on the roofs of existing infrastructures.

There Gestamp Solar can boast extensive experience in the field of design and installation of solar systems on the rooftops, an example is the roof of the Renault plant with its 55 MW of energy installed in winter 2012. The Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported that the Spanish company will complete its first plant by March 2013.

The partnership with Kankyo Keiei Senryaku will not be the only one. The Spanish company plans to sign other agreements for the preparation of photovoltaic roofs on structures such as shopping centers, parking lots and factories. There Gestamp Solar it is not new to collaborations with abroad: it has installed a total power of 450 MW in 13 countries including the United States, India, Chile, Thailand and South Africa.

In the wake of the Fukushima disaster, there are numerous Japanese companies looking to invest in renewables. According to a government estimate, by 2030, Japan would be preparing to invest a capital of 637.4 billion dollars in renewable energies. The investment would serve to completely eradicate the country's dependence onnuclear energy.

Photo | GestampRenewables

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