Zero Motorcycles, the electric bikes from California

The electric motorcycles they are not as successful as the electric cars. The motorcycle sector is in crisis but a very positive implication is coming from Zero Motorcycles, a Californian company, which revealed a preview of the electric motorcycles of 2013.

Thanks to the arrival of the new one Z-Force engine completely developed for motorcycle use, the bikes were able to receive an increase in power. The new, air-cooled engine is maintenance-free and delivers 54 hp. Big changes also in the battery, also called Z-Force: recharges much faster and recharges to 95% of its potential in one hour via the CHAdeMO system.


The new models on the market for 2013 have very innovative contents: they have Bluetooth technology for connectivity with iPhone and Android operating systems to view detailed information on the bike.

The model is coming for 2013 FX, the urban dual-sport, the most powerful electric motorcycle of the new Zero range 2013 with 44 HP of power. It has a 2.8 kWh battery pack that is expandable to 5.7 with the addition of a second battery. The two units can be easily removed for charging. The new series XU and MX, namely urban-cross and moto-cross, will also be able to use the battery pack.

The model S it will have an increase in autonomy of around 220 km with a new fairing design, which has made it possible to place a cargo compartment under its virtual tank. All models in the range will have a two-year warranty coverage, with the exception of the MX whose warranty will last only one year.


Here are the prices of the models Zero Motorcycles for the 2013 European price list: for the S model the cost is 13,995 euros, for the FX the cost is 9,495 euros, for the XU the cost is 7,995 euros and finally for the MX the cost is 9,495 euros. For each price indicated we mean the entry level model, as it appears on the price list.

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