Expo 2020

Expo 2015 rewards Africa

Roberto Formigoni, Commissioner General of Expo 2015, presented the African prize Media Prize to Amadou Ba, the founder of Africa's most important news portal (www.allafrica.com) and of the African Media Initiative (AMI), the largest African organization dedicated to executives and owners of mass media. Amadou Ba he was awarded for his dissemination capacity and for his exceptional contribution in the dissemination of innovative media among African media.

The Media Prize Amadou Ba was not the only prize awarded. Other awards went to IPS Africa and @Verdade. IPS Africa he was awarded for his ability to express the views of African communities while @verdade received recognition for contributing to the social development of Monzambique. The award was received in Milan by Kudzai Makombe, director for IPS Africa and Aderito Caledeira, vice president general of @verdade.

@verdade it is the most renowned African free press. Its circulation reaches 50,000 copies and is read by about 400,000 people a week. Being a free-press, Africans can stay informed without having to give up food: in Africa the cost of a newspaper is equivalent to that of eight loaves of bread that can feed four people for a day. With @verdade the African world can afford information without sacrificing anything.

IPS Africa is distributed in 400 points of sale throughout Africa. Its constant flow of news draws national attention: it talks about analysis, economic and social challenges, environment, agriculture, food security and development of the continent. There are 200 freelance writers participating in the drafting of IPS Africa.

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