Tips for making your office Green

L'office represents the first business card of a professional. Whoever interfaces with your work will certainly be influenced by the state in which yours lies office, then why not take advantage of it and try to give asober and virtuous image? For this purpose, a green style is ideal. It doesn't matter if it's a small office or a mega center. The challenge is to be able to host your customers exuding seriousness and respect starting fromenvironment.

From the desk to the parquet, from the printer to the windows. There are numerous interventions to be made for a change green. For example, if you need to buy new computers, choose opensource software and hardware sustainable, will not only allow you to save money but will offer you the right solution to optimize space. An excellent proposal is made by the Italian company Green Computer, which offers ecological PCs starting at 289 euros. If what you need is a notebook, here is a small list of low impact laptops.

All yours office equipment can be chosen under the banner ofecology. Not only furniture but also the simplest accessories; what do you think of recycled materials? Printer paper and booklets in recycled paper, rough signs, business cards and other material for the corporate marketing who can cry out to the world how virtuous you are.

Other strategies involve decorative elements such as photographs, paintings and ornamental plants. If you have enough space you can think about setting up a vertical garden, alternatively you can insert ornamental plants with modern and innovative style vases. For photographs and other representations, carefully choose images with a high emotional impact, perhaps taken from the Campaign of some organization environmentalist like Greenpeace or WWF.

The ecological solutions for furnish the office there are, you just have to try to be creative. There are ways to give your business a green look: have you ever thought of arriving at the office aboard your bicycle and parking it inside? A little exuberant but certainly of great effect! Maybe you can offer a discount to customers who arrive by bicycle or who drive aelectric car. Important: do not forget to eliminate plastic and disposable bottles to insert jugs of water - perhaps with some lemon wedges - and glass glasses.