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Expo 2015, Europe must be involved

It seems that at the preliminary meetings, to define all the details onUniversal Exposition, MEPs have not been invited. A lack or a deliberate move? The fact is that in order to take off theExpo 2015 no one should be left out, much less the European Parliament. Talking about it is Patrizia Toia, Lombard MEP and vice president of Industry, Research and Energy, a key Commission for the issues addressed by Milan Expo 2015.

When it comes to Expo 2015, to Patrizia Toia it seems paradoxical that no MEPs were involved in her organization, Prime Minister Monti calls for the participation of the European Union but without involving the representatives of the Lombardy region itself. Here's how Patrizia Toia comments, "Invoke the participation of the European Union, as the Prime Minister Mario Monti did, when one forgets to involve the Milanese and Lombard, but also Italian, representatives of one of the most important and representative institutions of the Union: the European Parliament ".

Patrizia Toia, MEP from Lombardy, regrets not having been invited to the meeting on the exhibition held in Milan in recent days. Despite this lack, the vice president of the Commission of Industry, Research and Energy, asked for the participation of the EU a Expo 2015 involving Lombard colleagues with a collection of signatures for the European Commission.

The theme ofExpo is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The reason why the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The food crisis, the commitment to the right to food, the fight against land grabbing and the use of clean energy. As mentioned by Monti and reiterated by Toia, the themes ofExpo "They are at the heart of European programs and political strategies implemented by the Community institutions".

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