Avatar 2, green from production to the box office

To go and see Avatar 2, better be "in topic”And leave the house by bicycle! Avatar, the 2009 film event has an all-green sequel. The second chapter of the colossal is tinged with green to once again enter the cinemas of the globe. Manufacturers have decided to invest $ 5 million to install a big one photovoltaic system on the roof of Manhattan Beach Studios, California, the studio will host the film set of Avatar 2, set in the fantastic world of Pandora.

Thanks to the renewable sources, Avatar 2 can be produced without harming nature. Three maxi systems will be installed for a total of 3,693 solar panels; these will cover the roof of Cameron Lightstorm Entertainment's new production site. The energy power generated by solar panels, will be able to meet the electricity needs of most of the infrastructures that make up the studios, not bad if you think that for the production of a 3d movies a lot of electronic work is needed.

Avatar 2, that blue tinged with green!
Director James Cameron said he was enthusiastic about the project that will show the world how companies can exploit renewable sources for their own good and for the entire globe. L'clean energy will somehow be the star of Avatar 2 and also Avatar 3. The sequels in 3D they will be produced avoiding energy expenditure linked to the production of special effects so loved by the public.

The sustainable initiative reinforces the film's environmental message: the importance of the respect for the environment and for the resources it offers us. Avatar 2, a sustainable film in terms of content and production, but for the post box-office? After the release of the film, thanks to a collaboration with Fox, part of the proceeds will go to environmental organizations.

There green economy involves all sectors, so the example of director Cameron must be the springboard towards a new way of making cinema. To go and see Avatar 2, better get off a bike so as to follow the film's green philosophy.

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