In Hong Kong the Transform Bar

The first is born in Hong Kong eco-friendly kiosk where you can drink good freshly picked wheat juice. It is a station created by the Japanese artist Kacey Wong, the Transform Bar.

A walking structure made in recycled wood where the wheat grass juice grown inside the stall itself is served, also combined with fruit to make delicious smoothies. The entire production process takes place inside the flower beds that frame the small wooden building. Triticum aestivum, the wheat grass in question, is grown, packaged and sold.

Hong Kong is full of street vendors with very small stalls, about one square meter, and in this sense they have had to adapt to the space available and the external conditions in order to earn a living. The small eco-friendly bar created by Wong, it is very small, just the space needed to hold the rectangular jars that contain wheatgrass and fruit for the preparation of mixed smoothies. How did this idea come about?


Fresh wheat juice is not easy to find, it is usually available packaged or in the form of a freeze-dried powder to be dissolved in water. Here is the artist's idea: to combine sustainability, healthy eating with the old traditions of the country.

Wheatgrass juice is very good for health, it is rich in chlorophyll, an element that favors the purification of the body. It is also rich in phytonutrients, which promote the digestion of food and the correct absorption of nutrients.

Transform Bar it becomes a relaxing break to quench your thirst with genuine juices and smoothies, made only with natural ingredients. A new lifestyle while respecting traditions, to take care of one's health and to contribute to that of nature. You can be a producer and a seller at the same time respecting the environment and health while not having large figures thanks to Transform bar.


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