Food day: the center of healthy eating opens

Free cooking classes to learn a eat healthy and live better. And more ... tips and recipes for everyone and for all tastes. What better occasion than World Food Day (Sunday 13 October) to open the Milan office of AMC recently inaugurated in the new building in via Pizzoni?

The German AMC, an acronym for Alfa Metalcraft Corporation, for almost 50 years it has been "Eat healthy. To live better”Its slogan and spreads the principles of a healthy, as well as tasty, diet. The new headquarters will help strengthen this purpose. "In Italy we have about 2 thousand consultants who, thanks to parties, reach about 350 thousand families every year - says Paolo Petris of AMC - thus spreading the culture of healthy eating ".

More than 40,000 people already participate in the free cooking classes AMC, organized in local offices throughout Italy. "But we want this number to grow even more - adds Petris - and to do this we wanted to introduce something new: free cooking classes will also be held in the new location they teach how to prepare new recipes and give advice on using our system cooking, the Premium System AMC, which thanks to an advanced and exclusive technology, allows you to cook in a healthy way while keeping the taste intact and significantly reducing cooking times ".

THE cooking courses they will be organized in the new one AMC headquarters in via Pizzoni in Milan, in a specially equipped space. Assistance and consultancy are key elements of the AMC philosophy which, in this period in which everyone is cutting costs, has decided instead to increase customer services.

AMC has a special and personal relationship with its customers from the very beginning. In fact, the products are not distributed through traditional channels: the consultants organize information parties in the homes of potential customers and thus an evening is spent in the company of friends, during which the products are used and the prepared foods are tasted. The new Milan office will function as a new meeting point.

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