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Expo 2015, is Italy ready?

The EU has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Italian opinion leaders have described the recognition as a "Seed of hope" in a difficult time. The irony of fate has it that at that very moment, many Italian students paraded through 90 cities. People were protesting against the cuts in education even in front of the European Parliament in Rome. A seed of hope who struggle to find fertile ground. Thus, confidence inExpo 2015.

The National Institute of Statistics - Istat - announced that the inflation rate of the most common goods such as food and gas has risen by 4.7%. Italy is going through a difficult economic period. L'Universal Exposition of Milan will bring 20 million visitors to our country. There are approximately 7,000 events scheduled during the six months of the Exhibition. L'Expo 2015 it is a great opportunity for the Italian economic recovery, but will our country be able to reap the benefits?

We saw it with the Turin Olympics, the event that led to a large tourist incoming but which in the long run did not do much. It will be the same for Expo 2015? Is Italy ready for a Universal Exposition? According to Premier Mario Monti, it is, and theExpo it would already be bringing the first benefits.

"L'Expo it is a great opportunity to redesign the country - said the premier - and for this it requires a strong coordinating role from the government. It must not be seen only as a great event but as a great systemic project that must see the government, all the institutions and the business system side by side ”.

There must be no room for delays, everything must be done on time and well; this is the key concept but in practical terms there are a lot of doubts, for example those related to infrastructures and traffic management. Will a city already congested like Milan withstand the large turnout? Expo 2015 it means "new infrastructures and renewed urban development ", the same urban development that the territory and businesses have been waiting for for some time.

Video: Italy: Putin opens Russia Day at Expo Milano 2015 (October 2020).