What is the Carbon Footprint of a bottle of Montepulciano?

How much does a bottle of Nobile di Montepulciano wine drunk in Shanghai? What if toast to San Francisco? What if the wine was drunk in Brazil? This is revealed to us by a calculator, a simple and quick tool to use, which by connecting to the internet via a web-tag on the label (readable by any smartphone) allows you to access the application that indicates the amount of emissions related to the consumption of that bottle. in that place.

The idea came to Michele Manelli, president ofSalcheto Farm, Montepulciano area, which after making its winery self-sufficient in terms of energy, has also decided to make transparent Carbon Footprint bottles of wine, from working the land to purchasing materials, from marketing to distributing the product to the table. All certified by CSQA is VALORITALIA according to the standard ISO 14064.

Thanks to the calculator, anyone, in any corner of the world, can know the impact on the environment to toast with a Noble Wine, but also what are the possible actions to neutralize climate-altering gas emissions generated by the bottle. In fact, the Tuscan company's proposal includes useful tips to effectively neutralize the CO emissions2, one of the main factors of environmental imbalance. It is certainly a new approach to total product quality that links producer and consumer in a synergistic and green way.

"The calculator is just another step in our commitment to the environment and society - Michele Manelli said - which allows us to reach the consumer, the last user of the product but the most important, rewarding all the efforts made upstream, in the vineyard and in the cellar. Through this simple but very effective tool, we wanted to make the users of our bottles reflect who, through their choices, influence the system and we wanted them to be the protagonists ".

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