Freeijis, the made in Italy refrigerator

Can a refrigerator work without electricity? Thanks to an all-Italian invention it is possible. This is the Freeijis refrigerator and to achieve it, the university student Caterina Fallini had to spend four years of research and experimentation at the Higher Institute for Artistic Industries in Florence. A very functional technological innovation that earned her a scholarship to NASA.

In order to function, Frijis, uses simple methods, made with porous materials such as mud or terracotta that lower the temperature, or evaporating cooling, a principle used in emerging countries, such as Africa and India.

It would be the same principle that sweating tends to lower the temperature of our body. This same principle has been associated with the basic principle of thermodynamics, with materials called PCM, i.e. smart materials, phase change materials, such as wax capable of changing state, i.e. passing from solid to liquid state, without their qualities.

From these two principles the refrigeration system that took the name of was born Freijis, That of the fridge. The particular energy-saving refrigerator it can easily find its place in different contexts, especially in the food environment. But it can also be used in the home or for the transport or storage of food. It can be used in tropical areas or where the climate is rather arid, for the transport of medicines.

In the United States, the young student was involved in another studio together with an American colleague, to work on a project in the biotechnology sector. In the meantime, Caterina Fallini is working on its development, and this will involve her moving to the USA.

The realization of this innovative technology would involve a revolution in the field of household appliances and energy consumption. A refrigerator capable of breaking down the power consumptions and the related CO2 emissions. When Freeijis the world will have to thank, in part, also Italy.

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