Orbit, the ecological washing machine

It doesn't need water or even detergents, what is it? It's the washing machine. Amazed? Obviously it's not about the washing machine conventional, but of Orbit, the washing machine of the future. Orbit is the answer for those who love an ecological lifestyle at home and hate waste. The main feature of the washing machine is that it must not be connected to the water pipe, since it washes without water.

Not only that, it doesn't even need detergent. So where is the trick to working and fighting the most stubborn dirt stains? No devilry is needed, but carbon dioxide, commonly called dry ice or carbon dioxide solid state.

L'carbon dioxide, subjected to a certain pressure, it becomes gaseous and together with the jet of the washing machine, once it reaches a high speed, it eliminates the dirt from the garments being washed. The interesting novelty is that the gas, after having exhausted the cleaning power, turns into dry ice that can be recycled and reused for other washes.

Orbit through a magnetic field generated with a battery, stimulates the movement of the drum, in a game of resistance where, with the movement, the laundry is washed and dried.

For the moment Orbit is in an experimental phase. Its creator, Elie Ahovi, made the design for the Electrolux, but before marketing the washing machine it will be necessary to improve the energy consumption caused by the system. The washing machine is in fact powered by a battery which causes a high energy expenditure, as well as the cooling process of the drum to return the gas to the dry ice condition after washing.

Equally worrying is the emission of gas. We are still studying whether it could damage the washing machine itself between one wash and another, or be dispersed in the environment and cause danger in homes. Having solved these problems, Orbit will make a major contribution to reducing the increasingly disproportionate consumption of water.

Video: Laundry Pod Eco Friendly Hand Washing Machine (October 2020).