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Around the organic vineyards of Italy

THE organic winegrowers they are not only committed to cultivation of vineyards, but also to minimize the impact of its business on the territory. Theirs is a choice that implies respect for the environment and for the consumer, offering their customers a wine free of substances harmful to health and natural ecosystems.

At the base of all the work is the vineyard: to do organic wine, it is necessary to start from healthy and good quality grapes, so the organic winemaking process starts right from the work in vineyard.

Here is a list of vineyards where you can enjoy autumn first fruits. The biodynamic farm Cefalicchio in Canosa di Puglia (BA), every weekend organizes guided tours to vineyards and cellars with tasting of organic wines. The guided tour also includes lunch in the manor house of the estate. The estate also has a SPA where you can do a wine therapy course.

In Piedmont we can taste the wines of Tenuta Antica organic farm in the heart of the Langa of Asti. TheBioagriturismoit is surrounded by vineyards and woods, by an orchard, a vegetable garden and a hazelnut grove. The structure offers nature weekends where you can visit the vineyards and participate in the moments of the production cycle of the countryside.

For Chianti lovers?
InChianti, near San Gimignano, in Capezzano, we find the Poderi Arcangelo farmhouse surrounded by vineyards where famous wines are produced such as: Chianti dei Colli Senesi DOCG, Vernaccia DOCG, Vinsanto DOC and extra virgin olive oil. There is the possibility of stopping for a weekend in the former barn of the farm, renovated according to the green building with furniture that reflects the principles of feng shui: beds in natural eucalyptus wood without metal parts or synthetic glues.

Moving far south, we arrive in Sicily at the company Torre Vendicari Bio-Agritourism with its 18 hectares of organic cultivation of olive trees, oranges, lemons and vineyards from where the real Nero d'Avola is born to be enjoyed between one dish and the next. L'farmhouse in fact it offers excellent typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine.

At this point all that remains is to organize for the campaigns of Italy and enjoy the delicacies that our land offers us while sipping good organic wine.

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Video: Tuscany, Italy: Chianti Wine and Crete Senesi Regions (October 2020).