Cargohopper, the solar truck

We hardly find electric cars powered by solar panels, the few that are seen are very small and light. The reason is obvious, maximum efficiency is achieved with lightweight structures, but the sun can do a lot, it is a powerful energy source, as demonstrated Cargohopper.

The Cargohopper solar truck, it is not just a project but is roaming the streets of Holland, in the city of Utrecht. This means of transport shows that even the largest vehicles can "travel light" thanks to'energy of the sun.

It is the largest solar van in Europe, a small train on wheels pulled by an electric powered vehicle solar panels and with batteries. The towing vehicle is produced by an Italian manufacturer, the noteAlke which provided the 4WD model with truly extraordinary features.

Cargohopper can carry 2.5 tons. It can lift up to three trailers from various collection points on the outskirts of the city, and make deliveries to shops and businesses through the narrow alleys. Once empty, the Cargohopper collects paper and packaging intended for the recycling, creating a virtuous circle of ecological distribution and collection.

The Cargohopper guarantees savings of almost 20 thousand liters of diesel and 33 tons of CO2 emissions per year. These electric vehicles represent the vehicles of the future, where high performance merges with the green technology.

During the presentation of this futuristic electric vehicle, it was learned that Amsterdam will also follow in the footsteps of Utrecht. The hope is that this example can create the conditions for zero-emission mobility with solar vehicles. A revolution in the culture of sustainable mobility strong to lead to a new culture ofsolar car. Meanwhile, this solution has won the first sustainable mobility award in the Netherlands, the second at European level and was presented to the United Nations to solve pollution problems

The electric cars powered by batteries present large deficits at present and the charging stations are still few. Why not use a source that can accompany us throughout the journey?

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