Wind power

The largest rotor in the world is active in Denmark

After the largest wind blades in the world, the Siemens Energy started testing a rotor from 154 meters. This is the rotor for wind turbines largest in the world. The rotor is intended for wind turbine from 6 megawatts, the leading country of the record is Denmark.

Is called SWT-6.0-154 and will have wind blades 75 meters long. Siemens said the turbines will be able to meet the electricity needs of 6,000 homes. According to the company, i rotors from 154 meters will be the new standard for the industry offshore wind.

In May 2011, Siemens Energy had already used a prototype 6 MW turbine, in this test the rotor was 120 meters. The tests were conducted in Hovsore, Denmark and were performed under special conditions for safety reasons.

The size of the rotor and the blades is an advantage for electrical production but can lead to some "small"Restriction, first of all there are the concerns and anxieties that have always accompanied the industrywind power. However, the Siemens reassures: the compact and efficient design allows for light and easy-to-manpower turbines, thus reducing the overall costs ofwind energy and it will increase efficiency.

The key towind energy it is precisely the turbine that mounts B75 blades. Thanks to its "integralBlade" technology, patented by the same company, you will get better performance even at lower wind speeds. If you compare one wind blades conventional and one IntegralBlade Siemens technology will be seen to be lighter and reduce energy costs.

"The start of field trials of the 154m rotor with a 6MW turbine is an exciting step in the development of competitive technologies for the offshore companies of the future." This is how Henrik Stiesdal, the CTO of the Wind Power Division of Siemens Energy.

The turbine was nicknamed Gearless and Siemens took about three decades to develop and sharpen the 75-meter blades. In the meantime, there was no shortage of contracts: Siemens has signed an agreement with the Danish energy company DONG Energy for the delivery of a large number of these offshore turbines.

Photo | The new 154 meter Siemens rotor, intended for a 6 MW turbine installed in Osterild, Denmark.

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